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Prestwich pocket projects - call out for proposals

Imagine you had the chance to do something creative, something fun, something playful for Prestwich? What would you do?

We're looking for proposals from local people or groups for pocket projects: smaller scale creative events or activities that will run alongside our main festival programme this September. Your proposal should link to one of the key themes from our recent audience survey:

  • our green spaces

  • connecting communities - bringing people together

  • supporting local businesses

  • accessibility and inclusivity

  • discovering Prestwich's hidden spaces.

Your event or activity can be digital or in person, but must be able to be run between 22-26 September 2021, relate to at least one of our key themes and be open to all.

We have a small amount of funding available to support pocket projects so please email your ideas to by 25 July with as much information as possible about your activity. We look forward to reading all your fantastic ideas and to celebrating Prestwich talent!


Further information:

Please include the following in your proposal:

  • A short description of your proposal activity or event

  • Date, location and capacity

  • Contact details of the organiser

  • Any costs you'd like Prestwich Arts Festival to consider funding

  • Which theme(s) your event or activity is linked to

You must be able to provide receipts for any expenses we agree to fund and have a bank account we can transfer these funds into.

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