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COVID-19 Policy

We're thrilled to be able to put on Prestwich Arts Festival this year, after having to cancel the festival in 2020 due to the pandemic. But we know that we still need to be careful and the safety of our audiences and event organisers is paramount. So we've set out our COVID-19 policy below and will follow Government advice at all times. Please respect each other and understand that people may still be uncomfortable or nervous joining in events. Thank you.

  • Prestwich Arts Festival will continue to follow any and all guidance or mandates issued by the Government in respect of COVID-19 both in terms of the planning for and implementation of Prestwich Arts Festival 2021.


  • Where events take place indoors, contributors, volunteers and visitors will be expected to adhere to, or exceed, those rules of the venues in which they are placed. Prestwich Arts Festival will ask all indoor venues to make any rules they may have on any of the following visible to all visitors and visitors should ensure they follow any and all such rules:- 

    • Restrictions on numbers 

    • Restrictions on the provision of refreshments;

    • Precautions if money is to be handled;

    • Increased ventilation;

    • Social distancing and the wearing of face coverings.


  • Even in  outdoor spaces, Government guidelines and / or mandates must be followed and visitors should again comply with any specific rules of the particular space (which will be made visible to all visitors) 


  • Prestwich Arts Festival would encourage all visitors to be mindful of others and  maintain social distancing wherever possible. 

  • Hand sanitisers will be provided at all activities.


  • A degree of separation of volunteers from the visitors will be encouraged and normally social distancing will be maintained

  • Prestwich Arts Festival remind all visitors, volunteers and contributors that they should not attend the Festival in any capacity if they feel unwell. 


  • If any visitor, volunteer or contributor becomes unwell during the Festival they should return home as soon as they can and follow Government advice set out and updated periodically.

  • The nature of COVID-19 means that events may need to be cancelled at short notice due to Government rules changing, or people being required  to self-isolate or quarantine. In circumstances whereby Prestwich Arts Festival needs to cancel or rearrange events due to COVID-19, visitors will be notified as promptly as possible along with guidance from the Festival about any arrangements for alternative arrangements or reimburse

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