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Home is Where the Art Is - Helen Mandel

We've had a great response already to this year's Home is Where the Art is community art trail with addresses across Prestwich signed up to show off their creative talent - but there's still plenty of time to get involved. If you're looking for inspiration, we spoke to Helen Mandel who took part in last year's trail about what she loves about Prestwich and her plans for this year's creation!

Helen and Rob's Porch of Art piece from the 2018 trail

"I love the Clough. I like the whole form of it, the way it links from one area to another, and the atmospheric trees."

Favourite person or people

I don’t have a specific person, but a group of people (they’re not all Prestwich, but many are) I meet up with nearly every week are the Heaton Parkrun group who are amongst the most inspiring people I know.  All age groups and abilities test themselves against the deceptively undulating Heaton Park running course in all weathers incredible volunteers turn out to set the course up, marshall it, and encourage a huge group of runners.

Special parts of Prestwich

I find the main area in front of the library really interesting - there’s always something going on, people meeting to chat, folks waiting for taxis, shopping, busking. It’s a good place to sit and sketch, so if you see me, stop and say hi! I also love the Clough. I like the whole form of it, the way it links from one area to another, and the atmospheric trees.

Special memories of Prestwich

I was brought up here, moved away for some years, and have returned to rediscover in some ways a different kind of place.  Prestwich is developing little areas of activity and interest, but has retained its character.  I do remember a time when there wasn’t so much in the way of urban areas between here and Manchester, and as a kid you could just take off and play outside all day in the summer without any worry.

This year’s Art Trail subject

I’m still making my mind may be related to the Clough.  

Last year me and my husband, who is a photographer put together a mini gallery in a ‘Porch of Art’ featuring photos, sketches and paintings of Prestwich. We were the last stop on the trail so we thought we’d make it worth it for the folks who’d made the effort to follow the route round. We’ll probably do the same again, but just need to settle on a subject.

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